This airline wants to reflect the best of Arabian hospitality which incorporates;consideration, warmth, generosity. Etihad Airways truly wants to be a 21st century, global airline, that challenges and changes the established conventions of airline hospitality.

Etihad Airways is the third largest airline in the Middle East, they are more than an airline,they offer each traveller world-class services, that sets them apart from other airlines and truly makes this airline that of immense quality.

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Why fly with Etihad Airways

  •  Every year Etihad Airways receives a range of awards that reflect their position as one of the world's leading premium airline brands. For example, they received 'World's leading Airline' at the World Travel Awards for five consecutive years!
  •  They offer world-class services, ensuring that every travelling experience is better than the next, they have received over 30 awards since its inauguration in 2003!
  •  They are a flag carrier airline for United Arab Emirates as well as the world's leading airline. They are the best offering the best at the best prices for you, so now you have every reason to fly with Etihad Airways!